A. O. Smith ProLine EMT-4 Specialty Point-of-Use 4-Gallon Electric Water Heater

Posted: 2018-02-13

Here at Four Seasons Air Specialists, we never stop finding ways on how to help you live more comfortably and efficiently in your home. That is why we partnered with A.O. Smith, a leading manufacturer of water heaters, to provide you with an array of innovative, cost-effective water heaters for your home.

We are a reliable HVAC company in Hugo, MN that has the experience, equipment, and expertise to help you create a better home environment.

This article talks about the advantages of tankless water heaters and highlights the ProLine® EMT-4 Specialty Point-of-Use 4-Gallon Electric Water Heater.


Tankless water heaters offer a lot of benefits to homeowners, the main one being energy-efficient. A tankless water heater uses 30 to 50 percent less energy than units with tanks, saving a typical family at least a hundred dollars or more annually, depending on water usage. Tanklesssystems, also called “on demand” units heat water only when you turn on the faucet. They usually operate on natural gas or propane. The main advantage is that they eliminate the extra cost of keeping 40 to 50 gallons of water hot in a storage tank, so you use less energy. They also offer a continuous supply of hot water, which is ideal for filling a big hot tub or a whirlpool. They're more space saving than a standard water heater and can even be installed on walls or outdoors with an anti-freeze kit.

Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

  • Tankless water heaters are compact in size, taking up less space than conventional tank type water heaters.
  • They can virtually eliminate standby losses - energy wasted when hot water cools down in long pipe runs or while it's sitting in the storage tank.
  • By providing hot water immediately where it's used, tankless water heaters waste less water. You don't need to let the water run as you wait for hot water to reach a remote faucet.
  • A tankless water heater can provide unlimited hot water as long as it is operating within its capacity.
  • Expected life of tankless water heaters is 20 years, compared to 10 to 15 years for tank type water heaters.
  • Most tankless units come with a federal tax rebate of $300.
  • They never run out of hot water.
  • They're more efficient with no standby heat loss.
  • They only need enough power to heat the amount of water necessary at any given moment.
  • They last five to 10 years longer than tank heaters.
  • You can shave as much as 20 percent from your water heating bill.
  • Electric models don't produce greenhouse gases.
  • Most units are operated by remote control and have up to four separate settings available.
  • There's no possibility of flooding due to a ruptured tank.

Features of the ProLine® EMT-4 Specialty Point-of-Use 4-Gallon Electric Water Heater

The ProLine® Specialty Point-of-Use electric water heater is designed to take up as little room as possible and is the ideal choice for when installation space is limited to tight spaces such as under counters and in crawl spaces.

With a 4-gallon (nominal) tank and 1 element delivering 1440 watts @ 120V, the EMT 4 is designed to fit into tight spaces. The Glass Lined Tank and Anode Rod help protect the tank from the corrosive effects of water, and is accompanied by a 6-year limited warranty.

The ProLine® electric models offer thick, environmentally friendly, non-CFC foam insulation, which reduces standby heat loss. It also includes the durable, tamper-resistant brass drain valve and CSA certified and ASME rated T&P relief valve.

It meets the energy efficiency requirements for most electric utility rebate programs including ENERGY STAR® Home Program recommendations. Meets the standby loss requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy and the current edition of ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1.

It features side-mounted plumbing and electrical connections with nipples installed at the factory, as well as convenient plugged top plumbing connection for versatility.

This product has a compact design with side-mounted plumbing and electrical connections for installation under a counter or in other tight spaces.

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