6 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Heating Season

Posted: 2021-11-25

Winter is just a few weeks away. Is your furnace up for the task?

Four Seasons Air Specialists is your reliable heating company in Vadnais Heights MN. In this blog, we give you six tips to get your heating system ready for the blistering cold of winter.

Check your homes insulation.

Making sure your home has efficient insulation is one of the most effective ways to keep the heat in and the cold out. A significant amount of heat can be lost through your roof, so it’s vitally important to have your attic properly insulated. Also, look for drafts around windows and doors, and seal up any leaks. When your HVAC system is not competing with the outside temperature coming into your home, it will keep your system running in optimum condition. It also keeps it from being overworked during the coldest nights. This step alone can help you save money on fuel while maintaining consistent heat throughout the home.

Check your thermostat.

During the cold season, you will give your cooling system some time off to make way for heating, so it might need a little bit of maintenance work. One way to do this is by making sure your thermostat is working properly. So, turn your thermostat to HEAT, and then slowly increase the temperature to a few degrees higher than the current room temperature. When you test your thermostat and system beforehand, you have a better chance of getting problems addressed now before the temperature goes sub-zero.

Check your furnaces electrical connections.

Turn the unit on. Wait for the heat to kick in and if it doesn’t, take a look at the wire connections under the furnace cover to make sure everything is attached securely and there are no wonky connections. If you suspect any electrical issues, call a qualified professional right away.

Check your air filter.

A dirty furnace filter will require more power to keep your home warm. Therefore, it’s best to make sure that your furnace is equipped with a clean, fresh filter. Also change or clean the filter once at least once per month because they tend to get filthy pretty quickly, especially during peak season. If you have pets or smokers in the home, you should replace your filters every month. Having clean filters installed improves airflow and prevents the spread of pollutants.

Also, you try to have extra filters ready, since your system will work harder when the temperature outside gets frigid, causing your filters to be clogged much quicker. Ensure that your filters are being checked more frequently, and replace them as needed.

Check the heat exchanger.

Your furnace is equipped with a heat exchanger, which is an essential part of the heating process. To create heat, your furnace burns fuel in a sealed chamber. This combustion process creates heat energy from the fuel.

The exchanger is a thin metal shield standing between the combustion chamber and the blower, which distributes heated air from the furnace through air ducts into your home's living spaces. As the combustion chamber heats the exchanger, the air is delivered across its surface on the other side, rapidly heating the breathable air.

The air is then sent through your home’s ductwork to the living spaces of your home. This component helps you capture heat that is otherwise leaked elsewhere, saving you money in the process.

Each year, your heat exchanger requires cleaning. You can do it yourself by vacuuming and brushing it or simply hire a trained professional to do it for you. This simple step can keep the system running smoothly and extend the unit's lifespan.

Pay attention to any cracks that could lead to a dangerous carbon monoxide leak. A good cleaning gives you the chance to spot any issues while getting the heat exchanger prepared for colder situations.

Schedule a routine maintenance check.

Having a professional look after your furnace before the winter is the best way to prepare the unit. During a maintenance session, the technician inspects everything from the motor to electrical switches to belts, and repairs are made before a problem even arises. This is a potent way to avoid untimely repairs while keeping your furnace working at peak performance.

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