6 Reasons to Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Posted: 2019-02-21

Because of the continuing trend of fuel rate hikes, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to at least save some money, especially in the way they operate their home’s HVAC systems. One of the simplest ways to decrease your monthly energy consumption is to upgrade to a smart thermostat, which offers accurate and absolute control over your home’s indoor temperature. While older thermostats are slowly becoming unpopular, smart thermostats, on the other hand, are gradually becoming the people’s choice. With proper use, these devices can considerably reduce your monthly utility bills.

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What is a Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat allows you to switch your HVAC systems on or off remotely through the internet. Its main purpose is to enable your furnace or air conditioner to run in a more efficient manner. Since heating and cooling accounts for about half of your monthly energy bill, using a smart thermostat to cut down your fuel costs makes a lot of sense.

Not only does a smart thermostat increase your HVAC system’s overall efficiency, it can also manage your home’s humidity levels, indoor air quality, as well as track you and your family via GPS.

Benefits of Using a Smart Thermostat

Lower Energy Costs

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program, a residence with a programmable or smart thermostat can save up to $180 per year on heating and cooling costs. This is essential if you want to cut down on your monthly utilities without harming your family’s comfort.

Greater Temperature Control

A smart thermostat also gives you the ability to HVAC zone your home and control the temperatures in different rooms throughout your home. If a certain room gets too cold, you can give it extra heating it needs to provide you with your preferred comfort levels.

Remote Access

A smart thermostat can be managed with apps that enable you to check the thermostat anywhere that has a Wi-Fi or data connection, and make adjustments to the temperature at your convenience. This feature is useful if you have to control your home’s temperature while at work or away on a vacation.

Email Notifications

Certain smart thermostat models will notify you when there are changes to your home’s temperature when you’re away on a vacation. This is important because too much drop or rise in your indoor temperature can do damage to your pipes or ducts. These notifications can give you enough warning to send someone to your house and make the necessary repairs and avoid further damage.

In addition, there are thermostat models that send energy reports, which give you an idea of you how much energy you have consumed in a given period. It also provides you with helpful tips on how to save energy while maintaining your level of comfort.

Advanced Features

In the past few years, mobile apps have continued to improve in terms of stability and security. One of the most functional and exciting features of newer models is geofencing, which allows the thermostat to use GPS to track your location and determine when you are on your way home. It will then make the necessary adjustments to heat or cool your home, making sure your preferred temperatures are set as soon as you arrive.

Humidity Control

One of the latest features of certain smart thermostats is humidity control, which enables your HVAC system to manage your home’s moisture levels wirelessly. Having the right amount of humidity helps you breathe easier and it lowers the risk of developing airborne diseases. You need to think about this feature especially if you have children, elderly, pets, or people with preexisting respiratory conditions. They need to have clean, fresh, properly humidified air to avoid the development or exacerbation of their condition.

Ask the HVAC Pros

If you are in the market for a smart thermostat, call Four Seasons Air Specialists. We are a licensed dealer of Lennox smart thermostats, some of the best in the industry. As your friendly Mahtomedi heating and air conditioning contractor serving you for over four decades, we will make sure all your comfort needs are met.