5 Essential Factors to Consider When Buying a New Air Conditioner

Posted: 2021-07-01

When the temperatures begin to rise, your AC becomes your trusted system that gives you and your family the comfort you need. An air conditioner that works properly is the answer to your discomfort brought about by the heat. What if your existing AC is no longer up to the task? Not only is an inefficient, worn-out cooling system too expensive to run, but it also fails to perform its basic task of cooling your home.

Whether it’s because of aging parts or poor performance, a failing air conditioner is due for a replacement much sooner than later.

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While most homeowners think that choosing the air conditioner for their home is a walk in the park, the reality is much more complicated than their expectation. Cooling systems come in different sizes and shapes, so, to pick the right one, you need first to examine your needs. How many people currently occupy the home? What’s the square footage of your house? How many windows do you have and what direction are they facing? What is the quality of your home’s insulation? These questions and more should be addressed as you continue looking for the right AC for your home.

Your Homes Location

The position of your home and its surroundings should also be considered when buying a new AC. Determine if your home is directly heated by the sun or tall trees are shielding you from the heat. Are you living in an area where mountains or hills nearby go down past at a certain time every day? How is the relative humidity in your area? Moisture levels need to be regulated to establish a comfortable home.

All of these factors need to be considered during the planning stage to avoid potential AC-related problems.

Your Homes Building Materials

Are you aware that the materials used in your home can affect the efficiency of your air conditioner? For example, older brick homes are more likely to absorb heat and maintain hot air than modern homes with special chemical compounds in the walls and paint designed to reflect heat. We recommend that you perform a thorough investigation of your home’s building materials before buying a new air conditioner. You should also know how your home influences your AC plans. Work with an HVAC company that offers complimentary home inspections to determine the best air conditioner for you.

Energy-Efficiency Rating

SEER or seasonal energy-efficiency ratio is the standard by which the energy-efficiency of an air conditioner is measured. The rule of thumb is, the higher the rating, the more efficient the unit.

The United States federal regulations require a minimum SEER value of 13 SEER on all newly installed cooling systems. In contrast, older AC units likely have 7-10 SEER.

The Units Size

Somebody might tell you, “Get a bigger AC. You will end up saving money by buying an oversized unit.” Unfortunately, this is not the case. To ensure the air conditioner performs its job well, you should consider proper sizing. If your AC is bigger than what it should be, you will notice it turns itself on and off too frequently. This problem happens when the system cools the house too quickly and fails to properly humidify your home. As a result, your living spaces become too cold and damp. Buy the right-sized unit to avoid these problems.

The Quality of Installation

Not many buyers consider the HVAC contractor’s experience and reputation when choosing an AC. However, it is one of the most important factors that can mean the difference between being satisfied and being stressed out.

It’s best to research on the HVAC contractors in your area and read their customer reviews to see who has been making their customers happy. Scrutinize each review and pay attention to objective comments. It will also help to make sure you’re working with a contractor that has the license and paperwork to work on your property.

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