4 Reasons to Consider Professional AC Maintenance

Posted: 2021-07-08

Your air conditioner is an essential piece of equipment that allows you to stay comfortable and productive even during the hottest days of summer. But its performance depends on how well it is maintained. If you take care of it regularly, then your AC will work as effortlessly and efficiently as possible. On the other hand, if you ignore its maintenance, it will cause not only discomfort but also excessive energy costs.

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What to Expect in AC Maintenance

While it’s true that your AC is engineered to last for as long as 10 years or more, the quality of maintenance will determine its lifespan. Minor steps like cleaning or replacing the filter doesn’t necessarily require a professional’s expertise. However, keeping your AC in great shape involves other tasks that aren’t as easy as filter management. During a maintenance visit, expect essential steps, including:

• Deep inspection of all system parts
• Checking for wear and tear on belts and other moving parts
• Cleaning of condenser coils
• Checking of refrigerant levels and sealing of leaks (if any)
• Minor adjustments and repairs
• Thermostat calibration
• Inspection of blower belt and motor

Now, these steps do require special training and tools. Therefore, it’s best to entrust them to a trained professional.

Benefits of Professional AC Maintenance

Comprehensive Tuneup

Your user’s manual is a great tool to help you understand your AC, but is not a replacement for professionals who have the education and knowledge from certified institutions. Their training and experience allow you to take advantage of all-inclusive inspection and tuneup. The technician will make sure everything about your unit is in perfect condition. He will evaluate your thermostat settings, refrigerant charge, mechanical and electrical parts, and the system’s controls.

More importantly, the technician will detect potential issues and fix them before they even escalate. You wouldn’t want to keep running your system when there are probable issues because doing so can lead to serious damage. AC maintenance saves you money in the long run, which more than justifies the annual cost.

Improved Efficiency

When your air conditioner receives expert care, it will work according to the manufacturer’s specifications, meaning, it will have greater efficiency. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for about half of your home’s total energy usage. This number can easily go up if your AC is not properly maintained, causing it to work with added strain. Studies reveal that a well-maintained air conditioner lowers your home’s energy usage by as much as 20 to 30 percent.

In-depth maintenance includes inspecting, cleaning, and if necessary, lubricating internal parts such as fans, cooling coils, and motors. Keeping these parts clean (especially the coils) will enable your air conditioner to provide comfortable temperatures without trouble. This increase in efficiency results in lower energy costs and greater comfort.

Safer Indoor Air

Not only is your air conditioner responsible for making you feel comfortable in the summer, but it also acts as an agent that cleans your indoor air. A trained technician is well aware of all system components and will ensure your air conditioner is thoroughly clean. He will remove any accumulated dirt within the unit, giving you clean, fresh air. You cannot ignore the regular cleaning of your system because it circulates air throughout your abode. When it is filled with contaminants, you and your family are inhaling polluted air, which poses a great risk to your health.

Professional AC maintenance results in cleaner air throughout your home, which lowers the chances of you developing health issues brought about by poor indoor air quality.

Guaranteed Warranty Coverage

While some homeowners fail to appreciate the importance of a warranty, but it’s exactly what you need in case your AC fails prematurely. Most manufacturers require homeowners to have their units serviced by a certified technician to keep it under warranty. In case a major repair is needed, you’d be relieved to know your system is covered because it has a good maintenance history.

Work with Experienced AC Experts

To enjoy all of these benefits, schedule your AC maintenance visit with Four Seasons Air Specialists, your trusted White Bear Lake AC company.