4 Practical Tips on Staying Warm this Winter

Posted: 2021-02-25

Thanks to your furnace, you can have a rather comfortable living space and be as productive as possible in the day and enjoy a relaxing sleep at night. But this comfort comes at a price: the inevitable energy use increase. However, there are simple things you can do to stay warm without turning up your heat.

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Here are a few tips for you to consider.

Choose warm clothing.

Dressing for the weather is the easiest way to protect your body from the effects of extremely low temperatures. Just being wise in picking what to wear is a huge step toward being comfortable without having to crank up the thermostat. Therefore, you should consider dressing up in layers and choosing warm clothes.

To properly clothe yourself for this season, there should be insulation between you and the environment. Layers are effective because they allow you to put on or take off clothing as you see fit.

Synthetic fabrics such as polypropylene are recommended for cold environments. You can use them for your base layer. Synthetics wick moisture away and insulate the body whether you’re dry or wet.  If you have long underwear, be sure to put them on. Try wool and silk for your second layer, which is also great for cold weather. Wool protects better and naturally resists odor. For your outer layer, be sure to wear thick fabrics, especially when the weather goes sub-zero.

Keeping your feet warm will help make your whole body feel warmer. To protect your feet, wear thick socks or slippers, especially if you have cold floors and no carpeting.

Cook using the oven and stove.

Heat-generating kitchen appliances can be a bad idea during summer, but they are perfect for winter. Therefore, use an oven or a stove to cook, which will generate heat in your home. Each time you use the oven during the colder months, try to leave it open after baking. Doing so will allow the hot air to escape and add heat to the room. But keep in mind to be careful in doing this, especially if you have children or pets. Also, avoid using the oven as a primary source of heat, especially if it uses natural gas. An oven, though it does create heat, is not engineered to distribute heat throughout your home. Burning natural gas for extended periods can amplify carbon monoxide levels in your home.

Use insulated curtains.

Curtains may look like common household items, but when you use the right ones for the season, they can help improve your comfort and save on monthly heating bills.

Insulated curtains are recommended during winter because they help prevent heat transfer, block light, and dampen noise. They are usually made up of four layers, including a high-density foam for insulating your windows, a vapor barrier, a reflective film, and a decorative outer layer.

They help protect your home from different types of heat loss such as conduction, convection, radiation, and infiltration, which take place through and around your windows. Simply put, insulated curtains stop valuable heat from being cooled or escaping your home.

Clear registers and vents.

Your heating system will only perform at its best under the right conditions. Therefore, it’s recommended to have your unit inspected at least once per year. From a professional’s perspective, this means performing an in-depth inspection and cleaning of your entire HVAC system, including the furnace’s internal and external parts as well as your ductwork. From your end, this means positioning furniture, curtains, and other items away from registers and vents. If these exhausts are clogged or blocked, the heat will not be circulated properly.

Work with the Finest HVAC Pros

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